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New Deer Season Upon Us

September 03, 2016

New beginnings and Heartache. Eventually we all come to a point in our lives when you wake up and there is a new ache. This happened to me this past Spring Turkey season. It was towards the beginning of the season and I was headed to my blind. While carrying my compound bow I had this weird ache in my right elbow. Now Im a pretty tough character and don't allow aches and pains bother me to much. Yet this pain was different, it prevented me from drawing my compound bow. I shoot a Mathews Z2 with a 70lb draw, all of my bows have been 70lbs. So when ever I gripped an object or held onto anything it would hurt like mad.

I eventually did go see my family doc. which then I was referred to a specialist at the NSMC(Nebraska Sports Medicine Clinic) and after a series of exercises, and a X-RAY. I was sent to have an MRI done. So after 8 days of waiting, is when I found out I had some torn ligaments in my elbow. I couldn't have been more devastated, this was my first year Turkey hunting. A few of fellow Pro-Staffers and my Father had all taken there Toms. I had missed a Tom I called in off the roost, it was perfect. I was in the Blind an hour before light, and as soon as the sun started to rise, I hit the diaphram and yelped and here he came, full strut gobbling and all fanned out. I chose 2 decoys for my set up, a Jake and the smokey baby hen. A TV show, thats what it was, the perfect set up. I drew my bow back and like a bad magic show “POOF” I hit the edge of my blind and missed. The Turkey was gone.

After that devastating and disappointing hunt thats when my elbow really started hurting. I couldn't even draw my bow, so after a few days of pain I decided to hang up the bow and go to a crossbow. Of course I did get hazed about the switch. I never did tag a Turkey either (Sad Face).

Lately Ive been resting my elbow, and performing light exercises and stretches to help heal the ligaments. Lots of pain relievers also. Its now the end of July and theres less than 40 days till opening season of Whitetail. The pain is bearable, and getting better. Im deciding to hunt with my Crossbow this entire deer season to allow my elbow to heal 100℅.

We've all had new aches and pains, but remember to always exercise your shooting arm and do those stretches. I never did them. Im paying for it now. Always set your draw weight to a comfortable draw, never set it to where its a little tough to draw. It may be the last year you hint with a bow. Once ligaments are torn, it doesn't take much to aggravate them and tear them again.

Yet its a new beginning for myself, new archery tool, new land, new year, Good luck and have a safe and great 2016. God, Family, Hunting.

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