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The size of the biggest non-typical whitetail deer on ever is mind blowing!

With a range encompassing most of Canada, Mexico, and the Continental United States, whitetail deer are one of the most widespread and commonly hunted species of big game in North America. Hands down the most elusive big game species ever tracked in North America, as well. However, the biggest non-typical whitetail deer in the record books were killed in two states that noone thinks about: Ohio and Tennessee.

The Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, and Safari Club International (SCI) record books use similar methods for scoring non-typical (and typical) whitetail deer, but there are some notable differences between them.

SCI scores non-typical whitetail bucks by measuring the length of the main beam of each antler, the length of all typical and non-typical tines, the circumference of the main beam at the smallest place between each typical tine, and the greatest inside spread of the main beams.

On the other hand, the Boone and Crockett and Pope & Young Clubs score non-typical whitetail bucks using those same characteristics listed above, but only credit an inside spread length for the deer up to the length of the longest main beam. Also, unlike SCI, those organizations deduct points for differences in symmetry.

As you’ll see in a minute, the same deer can have significantly different Safari Club International and Boone & Crocket scores for these reasons. Make no mistake though, the bucks listed below are all incredibly large non-typical whitetail deer.

Additionally, SCI and the Boone & Crockett Club both accept “picked-up” entries, but this list only covers the biggest non-typical whitetail bucks actually killed by hunters. Picked up is basically someone who claims they found it, hit it with a car, or show now legal proof of killing it in season. 

Finally, all of the bucks on this list of the biggest non-typical whitetail deer were wild deer taken on free range hunts. Yes, they all have some crazy looking racks, but they weren’t farm raised or genetically modified animals killed behind a high fence. In fact, all of these deer were taken by blue collar guys on self-guided hunts, proving that it’s not necessary to spend a bunch of money to take a world record non-typical whitetail buck.

Pope & Young and SCI Record Non-Typical Whitetail

These Are The Biggest Non-Typical Whitetail Bucks Killed By Hunters In The Record Books Michael Beatty
Toledo Blade

Hunter: Michael Beatty
When: November 2000
Where: Greene County, Ohio
Method: Bow
Total Score: 294″ (B&C/P&Y) and 311 7/8″ (SCI)
Michael Beatty sent shockwaves through the hunting world when he arrowed a 39 point non-typical buck in Ohio during the 2000 deer season. With an SCI score of 311 7/8″ and an B&C/P&Y net score of 294″, that buck shattered the previous Safari Club International and Pope & Young Club records. It’s the biggest non-typical whitetail deer ever killed by a hunter with a bow in the record books and it’s not very likely that another buck will challenge it for that spot any time soon.

Boone & Crockett Record Non-Typical Whitetail

These Are The Biggest Non-Typical Whitetail Bucks Killed By Hunters In The Record Books stephen tucker
Lufkin Daily News

Hunter: Stephen Tucker
When: November 2016
Where: Sumner County, Tennessee
Method: Muzzleloader
Total Score: 312
Similar to how things happened with Milo Hanson and his legendary whitetail, Stephen Tucker had multiple encounters with this gigantic buck several times during the 2016 deer season before he finally managed to take him down. With a net score of 312″, the 47 point deer turned out to be the biggest non-typical whitetail deer ever killed by a hunter and beat the previous record held by Tony Lovstuen by almost 5″. There are currently two larger non-typical whitetail bucks in the Boone & Crockett record book, but both of those deer were found dead from unknown causes, not killed by a hunter. That being said, Tucker’s buck is an incredible trophy and it could well remain the record Boone & Crockett non-typical whitetail for many years to come. 


We will have Stephen do a guest blog post here soon and a Facebook Live on our Facebook Page before the 2018 season. 

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