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The Waiting Game

September 03, 2016

The Waiting Game

Well for most of us across the Midwest it is the middle of summer just at the end of July, and you look at

your calendar and deer season is still a long ways off. You tell yourself man I wish I was in a tree stand

right now instead of sweating in 100 degree weather.

This actually could be a great thing that deer season is a ways off still, because there are many things to

keep you busy during the off season. I am going to lay out a few things that keep me in check as I

approach that faithful day of climbing into a tree stand.

For starters it’s always good this time of year to go into your hunting area and do a major freshen up.

For example I would advise checking your tree stand out. This could include making sure the straps are

healthy and sturdy , make sure all pins and bolts are not rusted through, and lastly clear shooting lanes

whether it’s for a bow or a rifle that way you can be on top of your game when the buck of lifetime

comes walking by your stand. Another good idea is to understand your entry and exit of your hunting

area. I want it to be very easy for me to get in and out of my tree-stand without alerting the deer, so I

would advise clearing any brush or overgrown vegetation along your walk ways. This helps you stay

undetected and keeps you one step ahead of the game. On the same note the off season is also a great

time to start scouting bucks and starting to pick out some that are going to be on your hit list for the

next hunting season. So find yourself a good pair of binoculars and good spot to watch over your

favorite hunting spot. I would also recommend putting out some trail cameras. This just helps you to

keep track of the deer moving in and around your hunting area.

Once you feel comfortable with you stand location, and you are ready for another successful season in

the woods. Another good thing to do is practice your shots. If you are a bow hunter this could be a

simple as spending 15-30 minutes a day shooting groups of arrows at target. What I like to do is to test

myself with a distance that I am uncomfortable at and try to enhance my skills as an archer. Another

thing is to practice shooting from a platform this will only help you in the long run with more challenging


Lastly one of the things that I like to do every season is to lay all my hunting gear out and look for any

holes or areas of damage. These areas I like to patch and repair to keep the elements of Mother Nature

out so I can stay in the tree stand for longer sits, and endure whatever Mother Nature throws at me.

Following these tips and tactics will help you to be more successful in your 2016 hunting season. As

always be safe and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have.

Aim Small Miss Small

Bucks of Nebraska Pro-Staff

Jake Fleischmann

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