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When you think about hunting you think about recreational fun, putting healthy food on your table and well spent time out with the guys, yet the benefits are much more in depth and enriching than that. There are many great and lasting benefits to hunting that are social, educational, recreational, emotional and even economic. Hunting is not only a way of life, it also has tremendous benefits that help so many people and the environment.


Economic Benefits

Hunting is great for the economy and those who work in travel and sporting industries.. During the hunting seasons hunters support hundreds of thousands of jobs including local stores, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. They have created over half a million jobs related to the hunting licensing, equipment, gear and trip planning. Hunters eat at restaurants, spend money on gas and even sleep in hotels on some of their trips. In general, most hunters spend almost $2,000 per each hunting season. With so many hunters, it causes an upward  ripple effect on the economy in such a positive way. So next time you consider hunting think about all the jobs and income you are creating for others! If you would like to take a closer look at the economic benefits of hunting check this out.


Conservation and Wildlife Management Benefits

Hunting is not only great for the economy, it is also wonderful for the environment. Hunting contributes greatly towards wildlife conservation and management. It keeps the animal populations manageable for human levels and human activity and safety, allows space land that is available to them and ensures that there are enough habitat resources for wildlife animals. Also by maintaining hunting limits, season restrictions, purchasing hunting licenses and paying federal taxes on equipment hunters are allowing conservation programs, research, wildlife studies and other programs that benefit a wide range of wildlife to be well funded. There has to be a healthy balance between nature and the civilized world. Hunters help to keep this balance in check.

Educational Benefits

Hunters, their families and their friends learn a lot about nature, conservation, safety and animals while hunting. Also people who engage in outdoor education activities and hunting have great language and critical thinking skills, have improved academic performance and the ability to think more creatively. Children who grow up involved in nature activities and hunting have a higher ethical drive towards conservation, recycling and protecting the planet. So you see, there are many great educational benefits to hunting for you and your family that you just can not ignore.

Health Benefits

The health benefits to hunting are quite numerous. Hunting is great exercise and adrenalin boosting. When you boost your adrenalin it causes the liver to break down glycogen. Glycogen is needed in muscles, so it is overall very healthy and essential for you to boost your adrenalin once in awhile. Also hunting has a great nutritional value because you will consume organic, grass fed meat that does not consists of unnecessary chemicals, coloring or additives.It’s pack with iron, protein and other essential vitamins. Lastly consider the calorie burning, muscle strengthening, emotional-social and physical balance that comes with hunting. Nobody ever said hunting was unhealthy or not good for the body, ever!

Emotional Benefits

Hunting gets you outside in a peaceful, natural environment. Just being outside getting vitamin D from the sun and being one with nature really boosts your emotional level. It’s a great way to relax and reduce stress. Hunting and being outdoors also have a calming effect on the body that can lower blood pressure and help lift your spirits. So I firmly believe even if you don’t hunt, get outside and enjoy nature! It will truly benefit you in the long run.

Saving and Income Benefits

Hunting can bring in a lot of food in for you and your family and cut your grocery costs. You can also sell you meat to local stores who buy game which gives you more added income. Also, there are many people who a trappers and sell the fur for added income. So another great benefit of hunting is that it will save you some money and could potentially bring in an income. However, if you are a first time hunter don’t expect hunting to provide you with so much food that you won’t need to hunt. This is a common misconception. Lastly don’t expect to get rich hunting. It has its ups and downs just like everything else. But the benefits of hunting do outweigh the negatives every time!

Recreational Benefits

As humans we are social creatures that like to be with others while we are doing what we love. At the end of a forty hour work week, nothing is better than taking off to hunt for the weekend with your friends. It’s fun, relaxing, entertaining and will put you in a good mood. It’s also quite spiritual in it’s own sense which is good for the soul. The social, emotional and recreational benefits of hunting are just so powerful. So go ahead, dust of your hunting gearrenew your license and just get back into the game. You will be glad you did.
Whether you like to hunt for food, income, conservation or fun the benefits to the environment, the economy and your body are amazing. I am so glad you took a few minutes out of your day to read this article. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have below. And don’t forget to share this article with you family and friends. Thanks again! Keep on hunting!

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