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Use Decoys Now: Take note of what happens once a field starts filling up with deer. Odds are good that most of the deer will gravitate toward the first one to enter the field. Use this sense of community to your advantage by employing a tactic often reserved for the rut: decoys.

Many crop fields in the Midwest feature timbered fencerows. Hang your stand along the one that provides the best wind advantage and allows you to enter and exit without alerting deer.

To help steer deer past your stand, employ a family of feeding decoys placed upwind of a stand that’s about 75 yards or so from the timberline. Collapsible models are ideal for this scenario because you can fit the entire setup in a pack.

Deer that enter the field will see your fake family and likely head to them, passing by your stand within bow range, their attention focused on the decoys.

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