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Too Close For Comfort

March 15, 2017

As I was sitting down beside a big white oak tree on a beautiful evening during the last week of hunting season, I never would have expected I would have been in the line of Fire.

I planned on sitting and watching a creek crossing that was frequently being used. On one side of the creek is a large hardwood bottom and on the other side is a 40 acre pasture mixed with very thick pine brush.

Making my way into the bottom I found the perfect tree 20-30 yards off the creek and off of the deer trail. As I settled in, the wind had just started to die down and it got very still. Across the pasture I heard a gunshot, it was clearly a pistol. After the first shot, there was 2 more then a rapid fire to empty the clip. There was about 5 minutes in between which I figured was a reload and almost the same sequence ensued. These shots didn't bother me at all because they were nowhere near me and it wasn't going to mess with my hunt. This went on for about 30 minutes.

This is when things changed a bit. A few shots rang out that were clearly rifle shots and they sounded as if they were shot in the air. I then heard a 3rd shot and a loud whistle. Keep in mind I am 3 miles in the woods down a big oak bottom with little to no signal on my phone and closest member across the property. The whistle got louder and thinking about it now it sounded like it was forever long. As the whistling stopped there was a loud thump 3 feet to the right of me and dirt and leaves flew in the air. 

Taking a few seconds to try and understand what had just happened I heard another shot and a loud whistle go over my head and to the left. I then realized that it was bullets and that I needed to take cover.  The tree was very large and I got behind it and made sure all my vitals were protected but thankfully those were the last few shots.

I understand that these people were not shooting at me on purpose and they probably didn't think that anyone would be in the woods on a Wednesday. With that being said, you don't know when or where someone is in the woods. Personally I love to do my scouting the 2-3 weekends after hunting season and with rabbit season and turkey season upon us please make sure that you are safe with where you are firing or what you are firing your weapons at. Gun safety can save lives, I know accidental gun injuries or deaths isn't a very common occurrence but it does happen.

Please be safe out there and be respectful at all times. Happy hunting and good luck from all of us here at Bucks Of America. 


- Don Thompson

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