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New Trail Cameras, Packs and Gear from the 2015 ATA Show

Bowhunters love gear—and not just the kind that flings arrows. Yesterday, the staff hit the floor of the 2015 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Indianapolis in search of new bows, crossbows and accessories. Today, we were on the hunt for all the other gear that makes a day in the woods a little better—and perhaps more successful. We found some cool new trail cameras, sweet new packs, a waterproof rangefinder and more.

Hawk Transformer Hunt-Pod



1 | Hawk Transformer Hunt-Pod

There are some places where a treestand isn’t an option and a ground blind just doesn’t provide the level of vision needed. The Hawk Transformer Hunt-Pod is designed for those situations. The Hunt-Pod is a self-contained stand that transforms from a rolling unit to a 9-foot platform and integrated stand. The unit, which doubles as a game cart, weighs 93 pounds and includes an integrated hitch for pulling with an ATV. Price is $329.99. -Tony Hansen

ScentLok Bone Collector Series

2 | ScentLok Bone Collector Series

ScentLok joined forces with Bone Collector’s Michael Waddell, Travis “T-Bone” Turner and Nick Mundt for a new premium line of hunting clothing featuring ScentLok’s Carbon Alloy. The flagship item in the new line is the Bone Collector Game Changer. The jacket and pants are designed to keep you warm without being too thick, so you don’t feel bogged down or like your movement is limited. The articulation under the arms and throughout the elbows allow you to draw your bow, climb into a stand and simply move about uninhibited. The tricot fabric is extremely quiet and the fleece interior is soft and warm. -Stephanie Mallory

Moultrie Dinner Plate

3 | Moultrie Dinner Plate

Timed feeders certainly have their place, but as many a deer hunter has discovered, it can take animals a little while to become comfortable around them. Plus, they have batteries, motors and other moving parts that can fail, particularly after extended exposure to the elements. For those reasons, a gravity feeder can be the better option. This new product from Moultrie isn’t fancy, but it is useful, designed to convert any existing Moultrie timed feeder to a gravity feeder (and back again if desired). With a drill and a few bolts, you can also mount it to any barrel to create a gravity feeder of your own that’s actually more economical than many homemade gravity feeder designs. Aptly named the Dinner Plate, this is a straightforward product that will work for supplemental feeding and bait sites alike. Photobombing Moultrie rep not included. Price is $39.99. -Will Brantley

Walkers Game Ear Ultimate Power Muff Quad

4 | Walkers Game Ear Ultimate Power Muff Quad

Walkers Game Ear has been an industry leader in preventing hearing damage for outdoor enthusiasts for 25 years, and they continue to introduce new technology to their products year after year. The new Ultimate Power Muff Quad features a number of new innovations, which provide 9X hearing enhancement, while protecting your hearing from harmful sounds. Sound activated compression (SAC) offers a NRR 27 dB (noise reduction rating) to protect your ears during shooting or other loud noises. Two independent volume controls allow you to custom set the volume for each ear. The ear muffs are designed with antimicrobial ear pads and a compact and collapsible design so they can be easily stored in your pack or bag. Price is $229.95. -S.M.

Ameristep Blind Webb

5 | Ameristep Blind Webb

Ground blinds are as good as they’ve ever been. They offer a quick, efficient method for providing cover in situations where a treestand simply won’t work. But hiding a ground blind isn’t always easy. The Blind Webb is a bungee-style cover that allows you to attach the artificial limbs and leaves quickly and easily. The end result is a blind that blends in without a ton of work and hassle. Price is $59.99. -T.H.

Badlands Silent Series

6 | Badlands Silent Series

“Technical” packs have been the popular trend for hunting backpacks over the past few years. While many of these new packs are indeed cool, some of them are a bit over the top, with more pockets, zippers, buckles and buttons than the average hunter—particularly the average treestand hunter—needs in a day’s time. Furthermore, more zippers and buckles also equal more noise. Badlands took a departure from that trend this year with their new Silent Series, which includes a pair of packs that are built from the ground up to be quiet and simple. Zippers are replaced with magnets. Standard buckles are replaced with silent (but secure) hook-and-loop designs. The packs themselves are constructed of a water-resistant, sound-dampening material that makes rummaging for a bologna sandwich in the bottom of your pack a quiet task, rather than one a buck can detect from 100 yards on a still morning. My favorite is the smaller Reaper model, which has a price of just $119. –W.B.

Prois Galleann Rain Suit

7 | Prois Galleann Rain Suit

I always make a point of stopping by the Prois booth because I enjoy seeing how Prois incorporates style into their extremely functional and durable women’s apparel. New for this year, the Galleann rain jacket and pants not only look great, but they provide ultimate protection from the rain and wind. Gaelic for “storm,” the Galleann is waterproof, breathable and lightweight, and it packs down into its own pocket. Both the jacket and pants feature taped seams and waterproof zippers. The jacket has a storm hood with two-directional adjustment and the pants feature full leg zippers for easy on and off. Jacket is priced at $199.99; pants at $179.99. -S.M.

Nikon ID 5000

8 | Nikon Arrow ID 5000

Today’s bowhunter needs a rangefinder to take full advantage of his or her equipment’s capabilities. Nikon’s rangefinders have long been among the best, and the new Arrow ID 5000 continues with that trend. This unit is fully waterproof, and is housed in a neoprene case. It’ll take readings to 600 yards in half-yard increments, angle-compensation comes standard, and the unit can be operated in both close-range and long-range modes that help eliminate false readings from unseen limbs and brush. Price is $279. –W.B.

Hawk Xplor Treestand

9 | Hawk Xplor Treestand

Hawk Stands unveiled another interesting hang-on stand. The Xplor is an aluminum stand with a 21-inch by 27-inch platform weighing in at 11 pounds. A lightweight, aluminum stand isn’t exactly new. But the ERGO tractor seat that’s integrated into this stand is. Constructed of flexible, waterproof material, the seat provides lower back and spine support. The stand also uses a V-bracket receiver that allows the stand to be used on multiple trees simply by installing another bracket. Price is $199.99. -T.H.

Core4Element Element XT Jacket

10 | Core4Element Element XT Jacket

Core4Element has a new cold-weather offering in its Element XT jacket and it’s a good one. The soft-shell jacket has two-way stretch material that’s quiet and durable. It uses Primaloft Silver insulation for excellent warmth without bulk and tapered sleeves with adjustable cuffs. Bowhunters will have no complaints with this jacket. It has an extra-tall collar that’s lined with microfleece to help keep cold off your neck and chin. -T.H.

Realtree Xtra Metallic Drinkwear by Great American Products

11 | Realtree Xtra Metallic Drinkwear by Great American Products

While bows, archery-related gear and clothing make up the majority of products displayed at the ATA, you’ll also find other cool outdoor-themed items. Great American Products just introduced a new line of drinkwear outfitted with an eye-catching Realtree Xtra metallic logo. The line includes a shot glass, flask, stainless-steel water bottle, glass mug and stainless-steel travel tumbler. This line of drinkwear provides you with a great way for showing off your love of the hunt when you’re hanging out with family and friends. Price is $9.99 to $29.99. -S.M.

ThermaCELL Heat Pack Hand Warmers and Pocket Warmer

12 | ThermaCELL Heat Pack Hand Warmers and Pocket Warmer

I personally love any product that can help keep me warm during a cold day of hunting, and the new ThermaCELL Heat Pack Hand Warmers (2-pack) and Pocket Warmer are designed to do just that. Outfitted with button settings, these warmers will last from four to six hours in the field. The smaller Hand Warmers are ideal for sticking in your gloves, while the larger Pocket Warmer can go in your pocket or under your shirt for added warmth. Price is $70. -S.M.

Rocky Broadhead Boot

13 | Rocky Broadhead Boot

Ultra lightweight hunting boots with athletic-shoe weight and comfort are all the rage these days. The new Broadhead boot from Rocky is 33 percent lighter than comparable hunting boots, but has waterproof, rip-stop fabric, cement construction and it is insulated, just as you’d expect from a pair of Rocky hunting boots. Supposedly, no break-in period is required. Just lace them up and go hunt. –W.B.

Hunter Safety System LifeLine

14 | Hunter Safety System LifeLine

HSS has a couple improved harnesses on the market this year, but my favorite product in their booth is the one shown here. No, it’s not the flashlight, or even Dan Perez rushing to a meeting with his laptop. If you look carefully, you see the illuminated rope in the background. That’s the all-new-and-improved LifeLine. The LifeLine has of course been around a few years now, and is an indispensable treestand safety product, as far as I’m concerned. With this system, you’re belted in both while ascending and descending the tree, which is when most treestand falls actually occur. The improved version has reflectors woven into the safety rope so that you can see your stand from a distance in the dark with a flashlight. In addition, the carabiner has a slip-over rubber cover that looks something like a cow bell—and so that’s what it’s called. The Cow Bell. This cover keeps the carabiner from clanging against your treestand steps, which may be my single complaint of the old LifeLine system. Price hasn’t changed – a LifeLine will run you $39.95. –W.B.


15 | Nomad

This brand-new company (it launched here at the show) offers a complete system of high-performance, technical hunting gear at a more affordable price than you’re used to seeing. The lineup includes a base layer, midlayers with either wind-proof or wind-stopping (the wind-stopping is slightly more rigid) outer fabric and fleece lining; and a waterproof/windproof outer layer. The entire system is thoughtful and hunter-friendly with specialized optics and rangefinder pockets, fleece-lined hand-warming pockets, cellphone pockets, built-in optics shammy, and relief zippers that allow the outer layers to fit easily over the top of the base and midlayers. An exact price for a complete system wasn’t available, but the guy in the booth said the outfit—from base layer to outer layer—would run about $300. -W.B.

Hunter’s Specialities Scent-A-Way Silver Spandex Gloves

16 | Hunter’s Specialities Scent-A-Way Silver Spandex Gloves

Part of Hunter’s Specialties new line of Scent-A-Way Silver products, the new Scent-A-Way Silver Spandex Unlined Tech Tip Gloves in Realtree Xtra are built to perform a number of tasks. The silver-infused fabric eliminates odor, while the spandex material protects your hand from the elements. And, if you just can’t do without your mobile device, the conductive fabric pads on the index finger and thumb allow you to easily operate a touch screen. The gloves feature breathable spandex, which wicks away moisture to keep your hands cool, dry and comfortable. The silver fibers, which are bonded into the material, inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria for the entire life of the gloves. Other Scent-A-Way Silver products include facemasks, gators and beanies. Price is $14.99. -S.M.

ScentBlocker Northern Extreme

17 | ScentBlocker Northern Extreme

It’s plenty cold outside. But just looking over ScentBlocker’s new Northern Extreme suit made things feel a bit warmer. The outfit features reversible bibs and parka with fleece on one side, in Realtree Xtra, and a smooth, water- and wind-resistant material in Realtree Snow on the other. Both feature Trinity scent control and enough insulation to keep the cold out and the warmth in. -T.H.

Alpine Innovations CamBow

18 | Alpine Innovations CamBow

A bow sling makes a lot of sense for hunting on foot out West, but it’s at least as valuable for those of us who like bowhunting for turkeys. The new CamBow from Alpine Innovations may be one of the best bow slings on the market. It covers and protects your bow’s cams, and is adjustable to fit bows ranging from 28 to 36 inches axle to axle, which means about all of them these days. What sets this sling apart from others, though, is the support, as the sling cradles the bow at the end of the riser, rather than by the cams themselves. It weighs just 5 ounces, and folds into a self-contained pouch that doesn’t have to be removed from the bow prior to shooting unless you desire. Best of all, price is just $24.99. -W.B.

Kodiak Trail Cameras

19 | Kodiak Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are fantastic tools with one drawback: They require repeated visits to the wood to monitor activity. Previously, the only way to keep your impact low when using a trail camera was to employ a camera that used a wireless data system to send photos. But the new Kodiak trail cameras use an integrated Wi-Fi router that allows you to retrieve images without visiting the actual camera location. A free app turns on the wireless router on the camera – range will vary but you should be able to connect from several hundred feet away. The app can then allow for image retrieval. The units, which are available in Realtree Xtra, require no data plan, SIM card or additional purchase. Price is $259.99. -T.H.

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