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My Nebraska

August 23, 2017

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and when you hear the slogan "The Good Life" well that's exactly what you get. I've visited a few states and even tried to live in one. Yet there's just something about Nebraska that makes you not want to leave or come back. Now I'm not saying the States I've visited were bad, but there's really no place like Nebraska.

The cities are small, yet big enough to attract some great things. We have the Pinnacle Bank arena now and have brought in several great country music artists. We also have our first big time boxing match with Terrance "Bud" Crawford from Omaha tonight 8-19-2017...

I've read numerous articles about my great state, "the people are friendly" which we are I can guarantee you'll see a smile and get a "Hello" everyday you're here. You can bet you're bottom dollar we are always willing to give a helping hand, including myself. I don't know how many times I've stopped to help someone in the side of the road or in a parking lot. Let's not for get the scenery, I love taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises, actually if you visit my FB page or Instagram you'd see some of them, but the plains in the east and the vast rolling hills in the west had some beautiful sights and scenery.

Of course then there's the food....." Oh yeah" like the beautiful master piece we like to call Runza a delicious ball of bread with meat and cabbage and salt and pepper (I'm drooling) be right back..........................

Ok sorry about the pause but Runza was calling my name. We do have some great food, and if your a salad lover well nothing goes better on a salad than Dorothy Lynch, this is a party in your mouth type of dressing. Or if you fancy a trip on the wild side well try this, take your cinnamon roll and dip it into a bowl of mild chili "oh yeah baby" that's the good stuff right there.

Now when it comes to sports there is really only one thing "HUSKER FOOTBALL". Saturday game days are the best, you see Lincoln grow by 90,000 plus in literally just a few . And it's all red, rumor has it you can see the state turn a shade of red from space, well maybe not but NASA should definitely check into that one. We have some of the best tailgating in the world, music, food, and of course BudLight and BuschLight, my fellow Pro-Staff teammate Zach can vouch for that. Just when you think the city and the Downtown Hay market couldn't be busier "poof" it's all dead silent. All 90,000 people are cramped into Memorial Stadium to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers walk all over whom ever we play.

If you want to hunt or fish in my Nebraska, I wouldn't come here, LOL. I'm kidding. Nebraska and the Outdoors couldn't be matched by anyone or anything. The fishing is great, we've got Bass, Walleye, and some great paddle fishing. Our State Parks, along with the sunsets and scenery can't be out beat. Whitetail deer hunting is the best around, that's if your willing to put in the work. We've got some of the best country for those big B&C booners, we're talking 150" class to 200", the weather couldn't be more perfect for Whitetail. If you love cool mornings "we got that" or a -15 degree more "we got that one covered" or if you just love the challenge of a windy day, well as a plains State "we've definitely got that one in the bag" you'll hear this a lot "It's Nebraska, wait 5 and the weather will change". Our Turkey hunting is 100% pure awesomeness, I love Spring Turkey in Nebraska, there is nothing like sitting on top of a draw out west and hearing those thunder chickens gobbling. Plus we've got 3 of the 5 Grand Slam list, so while you're here might as well knock that out.

Nebraska is a very humbling State, it has great people, great sports, and what I think is the best hunting ever. So when you hear someone say "The Good Life" Nebraska really is The Good Life, and if you don't believe me, come on up or down here to the Midwest and give this guy right here a visit, and I'll show you "My Nebraska"

- Ralph L. Spangler Jr
Bucks of Nebraska Pro-Staff


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