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Hunt Stand Mobile App

January 26, 2015

The HuntStand Turkey Hunt App is a tool to help you hunt smarter. We made a few posts on Facebook about it and read and responded to some of the comments with our thoughts. Some said this turkey hunting app doesn’t have a place in the turkey hunting world. That’s it’s unfair and not in line with tradition. I understand that concern.

If this app dropped a bird in your lap, turkey hunting would be no fun. Does it give you an advantage when hunting thunder chickens? Definitely. But not by hunting the turkeys for you. It pretty much takes traditional hunting tools and puts them at your fingertips.

Property Maps: The app is loaded with satellite map views of where you’re hunting that shows land features (sounds pretty similar to those topo maps we used to carry, and lose, in the woods).

Map Icons: You can mark these maps up with notes, icons and scouting info (kinda like an old-fashioned hunting journal).

Turkey Scoring Tool: You can enter the measurements of a turkey and score your it using the NWTF scoring method (this is much better than your uncle’s method of taking a look at it and proclaiming, “Yep, mine was a lot bigger.”).

Example of Turkey Calls: Our favorite feature is the turkey call demonstration. We laid down some tracks to help other hunters hear exactly what some of the basic turkey calls (clucks, purrs, etc.) should sound like, as well as, some of the more complex calls (assembly calls, cackles, etc.). Use it in the truck to tune your calls — much like a guitar player tunes his strings — before heading out in the mornings.

Weather, Species Information, Peak Activity Times and Tips: There are a bunch of other features in this turkey hunting app, too. We promise you will find it to be very valuable in the spring woods. Our favorite part about it is that many of the tools work in offline mode, when you get buried like a tick back in the woods as many of us country folks like to do.

Check it out in iTunes and Google Play and refine your turkey hunting strategy this spring.

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